Council kicked off our Tomorrow Together community engagement program in 2019 to change the way we engage with the Launceston community, businesses and industry.

The City of Launceston is facing big challenges that relate to population, economic diversification and climate change. Council is actively planning for these challenges with projects either underway or on the horizon.

Council is committed to coordinating its efforts on how we engage and involve the community in our decision making. This means providing a consistent entry point for community to join the conversation and making sure the conversation is continuous. It provides a space for you to tell us what is important to you, so we can keep you up-to-date on the opportunities to get involved and projects that interest you.

Some of the conversations we need to have are difficult and complex. The Tomorrow Together Foundation Document provides the starting point for these conversations. It shares with you some of the background to our big challenges and what Council is working on in these areas.

The SIX BIG THEMES of our conversation include:
  1. A Resilient City
  2. A Well-designed City
  3. A Unique and Prosperous City
  4. A Mobile and Accessible City
  5. A Social, Inclusive and Fair City
  6. A Focused and Sustainable Council

The Tomorrow Together campaign approach has recently won an Australasian Award for Community Engagement. You can read the Award Winning Tomorrow Together Case Study here.

Community Engagement at the City of Launceston

Behind the scenes The City of Launceston has a Community Engagement Framework that demonstrates our commitment to building partnerships with a range of stakeholders. It seeks to promote greater community involvement in the activities and decision making processes of Council.

Supporting the Framework is the Council's Community Engagement Strategy, highlighting the Council's actions and desired outcomes.

The Council makes decisions on behalf of over 70,000 residents, so it's vital that the Council takes into account the views of the community when making decisions and choosing a direction on particular issues.

The City of Launceston has a strong commitment to:
  1. build partnerships with a range of stakeholders, and seeking greater community involvement in the activities and decision making process of Council; and
  2. adhere to democratic processes, legislative requirements and the Council's values.

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