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Privacy Statement

The City of Launceston takes the privacy of the participants using this site very seriously. Our collection, use and disclosure of your personal information is regulated by the Tasmanian Government. For information about the broader collection and use of personal information by the City of Launceston, please refer to the Personal Information Protection Act 2004).

The following Privacy Statement applies to Tomorrow Together Launceston.

How will we use your information?

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While the City of Launceston takes measures to protect the anonymity of survey respondents we ask that you reduce the risk of inappropriate information access and exposure by not including other information in your survey response that could possibly identify you or others.

Tomorrow Together was developed as a way of engaging with our community about various topics at one time. This is what we call theme-based engagement. This was done purposefully, with an aim to reduce engagement fatigue across our community and to enable us to build a rich database of information, through consistent and continuous conversations. There will be times where information collected in previous years is still relevant to the topics being discussed today. This is because we are continually building a knowledge base that reflects the needs and wants of our Launceston community. We will use previous information collected as a starting point for certain projects or policies, where we deem relevant/appropriate.


By monitoring this additional information that you provide, we are able to protect the integrity of the discussions from individuals and groups who may attempt to unduly influence the outcomes of a consultation process. For example, we check to ensure each user has a single email account. We also review the site to protect it from spam or trolls.

Third parties

From time to time, the City of Launceston engages consultants with varying areas of expertise. When your information is supplied to consultants, personally identifiable information is excluded but will include demographic details you have chosen to share in your survey response.

When will we contact you?

From time to time we may send you information and announcements by email, but only when you have agreed to receiving this information.

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Access and correction

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