The City of Launceston manages over 258 parks, reserves and conservation areas covering 15,580 hectares. This includes 61 play spaces, recreation spaces and an extensive trails network.

Open spaces and recreation facilities, when designed, maintained, and utilised thoughtfully, can become dynamic assets that benefit the health and liveability of a city.

We are updating our Recreation and Open Space Strategy to ensure it continues to serve our community. The Launceston Recreation and Open Space Strategy will guide the future supply, design and management of open space over the coming years.

Dynamic and considered planning will ensure that Launceston continues to be a highly liveable city with fantastic amenities and services.

From parks to recreation, and everything in between.
We want to understand how you use these spaces!

You can get involved by:

  1. Completing the Survey below to share your thoughts on Launceston's parks, playgrounds, and reserves.
  2. Reading the Frequently Asked Questions on the right sidebar
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What's next?

Stage Two of the engagement will begin early next year. This will include seeking specific feedback on Launceston's trails and networks!

This consultation opens on Tuesday 28 November and closes on Sunday 31st December 2023.

Examples of Open Space in Launceston

Thank you for being an integral part of Launceston's future. Your input is invaluable, and together, we can continue to make our city a wonderful place to live, work, and thrive.