Check out the engagement infographic for an overview of the engagement.
A detailed report summarising what we heard will be available here soon!

We want to ensure our City continues to thrive, no matter what stresses or challenges we experience!

Get involved by:

  1. Taking the Resilient City Survey
  2. Tell us more by using the Launceston Tracks, Trails and Path Networks Mapping Tool
  3. Attending one or more of the Engage for Change Commuity Talk Sessions
  4. Checking out the new online Emergency Management Hub webpage
  5. Own your own business? Check out Business Tasmania Emergency Preparation Toolkit.

Check out what we want to talk about, and what we intend to use your feedback for:

    • Carr Villa Memorial Park

      Help us to develop an understanding of the future burial and cremation needs of our community over the next 10, 20, 50 and 100 years.

    • FOGO, Recycling & Waste

      Help shape the future of waste and recovery management through service review and strategy development.

    • Emergency Preparedness

      Help us identify any gaps in the way we prepare for emergencies, and how we can work together to reduce the impact of disasters.

    • Dog Management

      Help us improve how we manage and assist the community around dogs in public spaces. We will use this info update our Dog Management Policy.

    • Events in Launceston

      Your feedback will help us to update our Events Strategy to guide how we identify, attract and support community and major events.

    • Tracks, Trails & Path Networks

      Building on recent Recreation and Open engagement, tell us about your favourite tracks, trails and shared paths and how we could improve them.

    • Reducing our Emissions

      We want your help to create a green, cleaner and more vibrant Launceston for everyone!

    Contribute to this engagement and go into the draw to win:

    • Theatre North - Double adult pass to The Wolfe Brothers with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra
    • Theatre North - Double adult pass to Rewind the 80's Mixtape Tour
    • UTAS Stadium - Double adult pass to Hawthorn vs St Kilda AFL Game
    • Launceston Aquatic - Five family swim passes.


    Take the 2024 Resilient Survey here!

    Trails and Networks Map

    Tell us more about Launceston's Trails & Networks.