Following an extensive period of consultation we can now present you with the following:

  1. The City Innovation Strategy
  2. An infographic, summarising interesting statistics, emerging themes and objectives we learnt from engaging with our community.

If you've only just tuned in - read below to see how we developed the City Innovation Strategy.


The City of Launceston originally set out to develop a Smart City Strategy to guide the use of technology and data. However through comprehensive community consultation it was made evident that the focus needs to be on innovation with a people first approach rather than technology for 'tech' sake.

Changing the direction to the development of a City Innovation Strategy will help guide the use of appropriate technology and how data is utilised to enhance liveability, accessibility, connectivity and sustainability. The City Innovation Strategy will guide how Launceston fosters innovation now and into the future

Learn about what a smart and innovative city looks like, and why it's important here:

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