The State of the City report examines Council, local, state and federal data to understand trends in Launceston across a range of sectors including: population, employment and trade, digital inclusion, health and wellbeing, education, environment, sport and recreation, culture and arts, transport and mobility and development. This information is collated into a single, convenient report.

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Some excerpts from the media release for the most recent State of the City (2023)

  • This year's State of the City report includes four interactive maps exploring parks and recreation, health and demographics, flood risk and business activity.
  • The biggest growth business areas were Construction (107 new businesses), Transport, Postal and Warehousing (61 new businesses) and Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services (48 new businesses).
  • A new Business Activity Survey conducted by Launceston Central and the City of Launceston shows 1053 businesses are currently trading in the Launceston Central Activity District, equating to an occupancy rate of 91 per cent.

Previous reports

Our State of the City 2022 report concentrated on analysis from the 2021 Census and introduced a new 'Health and Wellbeing' section.

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Our State of the City 2021 report focused on our response to the COVID pandemic.

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Some data has had further analysis performed to make it more usable. Where this has happened it is clearly identified.

The data presented is for general information purposes only. Users of the data should conduct their own research as well as exercise their own judgment and caution before relying on the data.