Help us prepare Launceston for the transport challenges and opportunities that will arise over the next two decades.

The Draft Transport Strategy is not about specific transport projects, but instead about setting a vision and strategic framework for transport projects over the next 20 years.

We want our community to have access to diverse transport choices that connect them to our places. It's about trying to identify the opportunities Launceston is likely to encounter in coming years in areas like active transport, public transport, micro-mobility transport alternatives, autonomous vehicles and more.

As a local council, we have an important role to play in this area but we are not the only authority which manages roads, intersections or transport infrastructure in Launceston -- this strategy is an opportunity to bring those different authorities and stakeholders together to identify common future goals and priorities.

In our Tomorrow Together engagement program, our community provided us with really valuable information regarding the Mobility and Accessibility aspects of our city. We used this information, along with a number of reports and strategies in developing the Draft Transport Strategy.

How you can get involved:

  1. Provide your ideas/feedback directly onto the Draft Transport Strategy below. This has now closed for comment and the Transport Strategy has been endorsed by Council on 4th November 2021.
  2. Check out the Tomorrow Together Report Report and see the ways your feedback has already been used by clicking on the speech bubbles throughout the document.

This consultation closed at 5.00pm on Wednesday 16th June 2021 and the FINAL REPORT was endorsed by Council on the 4th November 2021.

Interactive PDF

The City of Launceston Transport Strategy - have your say!

Browse through the strategy and have your say. You can place pins and comments directly on the document. This consultation gives you the opportunity to provide your ideas/feedback directly onto the document below as you go. We look forward to seeing what you think!

Please note: As you make your comments on the document it will populate a yellow bubble. When you move away from that page your comments will be hidden. Don't worry, they are not being removed - we can still see them.

CLOSED: This consultation has concluded.